Administrative Drugs Reception: When reception of medicines is made to the satisfaction of the contracting entity. It is the responsibility of the staff designated by the contracting entity and an authorized provider representative.

Award: The highest authority of the contracting entity or his delegate, once the period of bid or negotiation is concluded, as applicable, shall award or declare the procedure as void due to no show, in accordance with the law, by means of a resolution.

Awarded Bidder: All and any natural or legal participant, national or foreign, or associations thereof, who is registered in the Registry of Suppliers (RUP -Spanish acronym) of the SERCOP and ---------is authorized to provide goods, works or services, and has been awarded a bid and executed a General Agreement for the supply of medicines for human use and consumption.


Bid: Stage of Reverse Bidding, in which a supplier, in a public event or using a computer system and the institutional website tools, sends economic offers to better the price of the reference budget.


Call: Time at which the contracting entity prepares the tender specifications for the purchase of a good or service and publishes it in the institutional Website. The public procurement system automatically sends invitations to registered suppliers or suppliers who are interested in bidding for the purpose of supplying a product or service. In the case of Corporate Reverse Drugs Biddings they will be national and international pharmaceutical companies.

Contracting entities: Are the agencies, entities or the legal persons in general who can participate in public procurement processes.


Drug e-Inventory (RM): Electronic catalog of standardized drugs published in the institutional Website of SERCOP for direct procurement under the general agreements .

Drug Expiration: Date of expiry of a drug, so the end of its shelf life. On this matter, at the time of reception, the drugs must have, at least, a period of shelf life similar to the provisions of the technical sheets of each of these drugs. In the case of soon expiration of the medicines delivered, the supplier must proceed to exchange them.


Enabled Offer: Offer that meets all the requirements of pre-contractual tender specifications.

Errors Validation: The supplier confirms, and if available, corrects not substantial errors of the offer.

Evaluation: The contracting entity qualifies technical bids and enables suppliers who comply with what is requested in the tender specifications for submission of the initial financial offer.


General Agreement: A legal instrument containing the conditions through which the SERCOP selected suppliers whose goods are offered in the Drugs e-Inventory, so they can be purchased directly by contracting entities that require them, in the form, timing and other requirements provided in such document.

Guarantee: The guarantee is applied in accordance with the provisions of Chapter III of Title IV of the Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System (LOSNCP), from Article 73 to 77.


Initial Economic Proposal (OEI - acronym in Spanish): Economic Proposal that submits and enabled bidder once it has submitted its offer (electronic form) through the institutional Website of SERCOP, prior to the participation in the reverse bidding stage or negotiation, as applicable.


LOSNCP: Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System.


Negotiation: When there is only one enabled provider, the contracting entity and the bidder dialogue in a negotiation session where a final offer is obtained, that is favorable to the national or institutional interest, to proceed with contracting the only bidder.


Preferences: In the reverse bidding there are preference margins according to the origin of the goods or services and according to company size.

Public Integral Health Network (RPIS): It encompasses the Ministry of Public Health, the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute, Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces and Social Security Institute of the National Police.

Purchase Order: Instrument through which the procurement of goods and services is formalized. In the case of Corporate Reverse Drugs Bidding the contracting entities providers of health services, set the procurement conditions of drugs for human use and consumption in terms of quantity, time and place of delivery of the drugs required; and the selected supplier is obliged to fulfillment under the conditions laid down in the General Agreement.


Qualification: The Technical Commission shall verify, in the institutional Web Site of SERCOP, the submission of the offer by the supplier via electronic adherence form, in which the supplier accepts, online, terms and conditions set forth in the tender specifications.


Reference price: Amount allocated to the object of procurement which is set by the contracting entity at the beginning of a pre-contractual process. In the case of the procurement of drugs, members of the Public Integral Health Network (RPIS) shall send to SERCOP benchmark drug prices set by the Technical Secretariat of Pricing.

Registry of Suppliers (RUP): It is the database of the suppliers of works, goods and services, including consulting, eligible to participate in the procedures established in this Act. It is administered by the National Public Procurement Service and it is requisite to supply the Contracting Entities

RGLOSNCP: Regulations to the Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System.


Supplier: The natural or juridical, national or foreign person, who is registered in the RUP, in accordance with this Act, authorized to provide goods, works and provide services, including consulting, as required by the contracting entities.


Technical Commission: It is the technical body appointed by the highest authority of a department or public body, in order to analyze and evaluate the bids submitted and attached documents. Creation and election of members is done according to the nature of the object of the procurement (Consulting services: Short List and open competition; Tendering of goods or services, Quote of goods or services and Reverse Auction when exceeding the 0.000002 of the Initial National Budget) and type of professionals that are required.

ATender Offer: The electronic form in which the provider expressly declares its adherence to the terms and conditions, technical specifications in a data sheet; commercial, economic and legal conditions laid down in the tender specifications.

Technical Offer: Physical Proposal that is delivered by the supplier to the contracting entity, in which it specifies the technical characteristics of the good or service offered.

Tender Specifications: Pre-contractual documents drawn up and approved for each procedure, which shall be subject to the standards established by the National Public Procurement Service -SERCOP.


Unique Drug Code (CUM): It is the alphanumeric code assigned to drugs by the national regulator.

Unique Drugs Reception: Performed by a technical delegate (pharmaceutical) to verify, monitor and control the technical specifications of each batch of drugs received and issue a control report.